Workplace First Aid Kit Large

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Workplace First Aid Kit Large
BS8599-1: 2019 Compliant Large First Aid kit.

For use in:
Low risk areas per 100 employees.
Medium risk areas per 50 employees.
High risk areas per 25 employees.

Kit Contains:
1 x Guidance note.
2 x Burn relief dressing (10cm x 10cm).
100 x Assorted waterproof plasters.
4 x Eyepad dressing with sterile bandage.
3 x Foil blanket.
4 x Large HSE dressing (18cm x 18cm) sterile Flow-wrapped.
6 x Medium HSE dressing (12cm x 12cm) sterie Flow-wrapped.
12 x Nitrile gloves (pair).
2 x Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation device with valve.
4 x Finger dressing with adhesive fixing 3.5cm.
2 x Conforming bandage 7.5cm x 4m.
3 x Microporous tape 2.5cm x 5m.
40 x Sterile cleansing wipes.
4 x Single use triangular bandage 90cm x 127cm.
1 x Universal shears small.
Other Standards
  • BS8599-1: 2019
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