Centurion Acetate Shade 5 Green Visor 225mm

SKU: H/S5950
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Availability: Available to order on short lead time
Screens for Visor Carrier for Spectrum helmet
High safety with maximum protection. General purpose face screens available in Polycarbonate for maximum impact protection or Acetate for chemical resistance.

All Face Screens can be used with both the Centurion Carrier and the helmet mounted Browguard All comply to EN 166 with the options for Face screens:-
  • H/S5800 / H/S5900: 1 B 9 3
  • H/S5910: 1 F 3
  • H/S5920: 1 F 9 3 (EN 170 2-1,2)
  • H/S5930 / H/S5950: 1 F 3 (EN 169 3/5)
  • H/S54 / H/S5900 ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2010

Material: Carrier: Nylon
Face Screens: Polycarbonate or Acetate Clear, Antifog or Green
EN Standards
  • EN
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