ATG MaxiDry Zero Driver Glove

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ATG MaxiDry Zero Driver Glove
Glove Size:
Fleece lined to keep hands warm and dry.
Double dipped to keep hands protected from oils and hydrocarbons.
Micro-cup grip coating gives assured grip in wet & oily environments
Wicking technology takes perspiration away from the hands quickly.
Suitable for use in temperatures as low as -30°C.
Approved for direct contact with food.
  • Purple
  • 7(S) - 11(2XL)
Material / Composition
  • NBR (Nitrile Butadience Rubber), Micro-Foam with non slip grip, Nylon, Acrylic
EN Standards
  • EN 388:2003, EN 388:2016, EN 511:2006, EN 407:2004
Washing Details
  • Wash in warm to medium hot water, do not exceed 104°F (40° C)
  • 110 grams
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